Infinite Possibilities

Mialisia™ jewelry can be personalized to fit your unique style. The more pieces you add, the more you can create. The jewelry is timeless and the options are infinite.

Infinite Possibilities
What is Mialisia's Versa Style?

What is Mialisia's Versa Style?

A necklace.

A choker.

A bracelet.

A tassel.

A statement piece.

An anklet.

A belt.

And more...

Design your look

Mialisia VersaStyle™ jewelry allows you to customize your pieces in hundreds of different ways. Eliminate the hassle and limitation of traditional jewelry by discovering your own VersaStyle!

Build a personalized locket that shows off your style and tells your story. Mialisia offers a selection of beautiful lockets, charms, chains and accessories. Choose your favorite pieces to design a look that’s uniquely yours!

Design your look

Annelise Brown - Mialisia Founder

“Keeping up with a busy schedule doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our personal style! The VersaStyle line offers exquisitely crafted, affordable pieces that can be worn in infinite ways. With VersaStyle, we can transition effortlessly from home, to work, then out for a night on the town.”

There are two types of VersaStyle:

Classic VersaStyle™
Pieces range from 27” to 45” in length and come in a variety of classic looks. They’re perfect for blending with any other VersaStyle piece.

Expression VersaStyle™
Pieces are generally shorter in length (13” to 26”). They can be worn on their own and combined with Classic VersaStyle pieces to express your personality and style.

Why Mialisia?

Why Mialisia?

"Mialisia is not only a fabulous concept in jewellery but there is a magic that happens when we show someone how to wear it. It does something to a woman's self esteem to add something that makes them looks good and feel good about themselves at the same time. What I love the most is empowering others to have a business that works alongside of their lifestyle. Women can have it all… family life, work life and still run a successful business." – Louise Adrian, Edmonton, Alberta Canada


Why Mialisia 2

"Mialisia has been such a blessing in my life. I joined when the company started with the encouragement of my husband. This business has given me so much more than I expected including, new friendships, confidence, an income I would not have otherwise, and a beautiful bond with my daughter who loves the jewelry and what the company stands for. I can honestly say I love what I do and I love Mialisia!" – Teresa Faulhaber, South Dakota

Become a Mialisia Designer!

From the minute you experience the exceptional style, versatility, and value of Mialisia jewelry, you’ll be anxious to share your discovery with everyone you know. As a Designer, you can build your own jewelry business and qualify for generous rewards, perks, and recognition. And along the way you’ll create lasting friendships and help others realize their Infinite Worth!


The Mialisia CEO Mega Pak™ includes a Welcome Kit, plus a collection of Mialisia products, jewelry displays, and other materials needed help promote and expand your jewelry business.






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